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How to Get Strength

Introduction Getting stronger is as challenging as it is rewarding. To strengthen and build muscles, you need to go beyond engaging your muscles. You also need to use resistance in your workouts. Resistance can be in the form of actual weights such as stretch bands, medicine balls, and barbells and dumbbells, …

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Mastering the Art of Pilates

Art of Pilates A form of exercise which is usually mistaken as yoga-Pilates. Pilates has been one of the fitness secrets of celebrities like Madonna and Christy Turlington. Why? Every move in Pilates works the entire body, giving a more satisfying result. If you want to know more about this …

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Sprint Training for Starters

Training for Starters Sprint training has been so popular these days among fitness enthusiasts and mostly among celebrities. Instagram feeds, from the athletes to the entertainers, are flooded by #fitnessgoals and followers get amazed with picture perfect physique and some instantly develop the interest to try exactly the same routine. …

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Mastering the Art of Yoga

Art of Yoga Looking for the best and the most appropriate fitness routine could be difficult at times. Due to the eagerness to bring out the best in you, you tend to neglect other factors and easily jump in an exercise without even considering other options. If you are caught …

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