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Get It Right With Exercise Ball

Fitness Training Using equipment or gym materials in exercising makes a huge difference in the outcome of your routines. The extra materials that you integrate increase the level of difficulty and it lets you focus more on your desired result. Even with or without a membership in the gym, these …

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Why Walking is Good for Your Body?

Benefits of Walking Our body needs a defining movement to meet its needs, and this is where the role of walking comes in. Walking has been considered as a superfood of fitness by guru and researchers. This natural physical activity brings utmost benefits for the human body. Advantages of Walking …

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Basics of Core Training (Part 2)

Basic Core Training (Part 2) (Please see Basics of Core Training Part 1, before going through this page) Let’s face it, most of us get jobs we normally make or treat as the center of our life. This would simply mean that we neglect other important things for our mental …

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