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Chest Workouts

Benefits of Planking

Planking Before bizarre planking position had become sensational, it was already a highly recommended exercise to build isometric strength for your arms, shoulders, hamstrings and back. The plank also targets better waistline and posture, making as one of the best options in body shaping aside from the tiring crunches. As …

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Sprint Training for Starters

Training for Starters Sprint training has been so popular these days among fitness enthusiasts and mostly among celebrities. Instagram feeds, from the athletes to the entertainers, are flooded by #fitnessgoals and followers get amazed with picture perfect physique and some instantly develop the interest to try exactly the same routine. …

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Mastering the Art of Yoga

Art of Yoga Looking for the best and the most appropriate fitness routine could be difficult at times. Due to the eagerness to bring out the best in you, you tend to neglect other factors and easily jump in an exercise without even considering other options. If you are caught …

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Daily Chest Workout Routines

Chest Workout Routines On a daily basis, we do different types of exercises to enhance our physical attributes. We can do the most basic up to the most hardcore routines. Behind all the tutorials and programs we attend or follow, what matters is the proper execution. Effective chest exercises target …

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Building Your Workout Routine

Workout Routine In this contemporary time, you get full access of various tips and exercise around the corner. You even get advises from your friends and co-workers on how to stay fit or what to avoid to achieve that jaw dropping muscles and physique. But here’s the challenge, no matter …

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