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Strength Training

Essential Strengthening Exercises To Keep You Fit

Strength Training Getting into a fitness program involves a series of trainings and discipline implied in and out of the gymnasium in order to meet the goals initially planned by the instructor for the enrolled individual. At the end of any program, it matters that you feel good both physically …

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High Intensity or Low Intensity?

Intensity Workout There are a lot of conflicting views over the efficiency of a high intensity or a low intensity workout. A defined exercise routine calls for the need of a level of intensity. However, the difference between the two can be highly recognized on your personal target while conducting …

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Three Simple Moves with Resistance Bands

Strength Training Whether you believe it or not, there are amazing things that resistance bands can do for you to meet your fitness goals. Without sounding too confident, resistance bands belong to your fitness-tools must have. It may not be too obvious for some, but band users tend to exercise …

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